Alyssa Rosenheck on Bringing Humanity Together & Becoming the Architect of Your Life


How can you be the light that guides the rest of the world towards common ground and peace, instead of separation? Alyssa Rosenheck, celebrated interior and architectural photographer, stylist, author, speaker, cancer survivor, and lifestyle expert made a big pivot from the corporate world into her own business as a photographer. Now she’s making another courageous pivot towards speaking out about the global matters that have been heavy on her heart. She shares how to tune into your creativity, what she learned on her trip to Israel, how we can come back to center, and how to become the architect of the life you desire.

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1. When you start saying yes to yourself, the world meets you at your yes.

2. Creativity is really just a fancy word for listening. You have to be really still and calm inside, in order to move forward and connect to the world around you in a really sacred way.
3. Being a creative entrepreneur is living in discomfort and being okay with that. It’s challenging yourself and evolving and trying to measure today off of yesterday, and just doing the best you can.
4. There’s no linear path, there’s no universal blueprint. It’s all fueled by pivots and us listening to ourselves and really having that courage to be the architect of the life that we want to be creating for ourselves.
5. We can defy probability and channel that into something creative and innovative and possibility.
6. It takes character and courage to stand up for what we value, which is our shared humanity, coming back to center, finding things that bring us together, and building bridges rather than divide us.
7. Our job is to be the light and to remind people of the light that’s within them.
8. You have to break through your own limitations to do what’s best for the greater good.

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