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trust your inherent power, embrace your worthiness, and unleash your potential to manifest your desires. 

This is a journey where prosperity and spiritual enlightenment dance hand in hand. 
Through coaching and mentorship, I will provide you the resources and tools that will help you overcome limiting beliefs and create a roadmap for wealth creation. 

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Abundant Ever After

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Cathy is a renowned teacher, podcaster and author. She hosts one of the top spiritual podcasts, Abundant Ever After, which has been downloaded more than 45 million times. She’s a practitioner of the law of reception, and has a deep understanding of the universal principles of manifestation. Cathy guides individuals on a transformative journey towards unlocking their highest potential.

Drawing from the wisdom of Jewish mysticism and ancient teachings, Cathy illuminates the path to spiritual growth and abundance. Through her unique approach, Cathy empowers students to embrace their innate ability to receive and manifest their desires effortlessly with a focus on meditation and mindfulness practices.

By quieting the mind and connecting with the divine, students learn to harness their energy and create positive shifts in their lives.

Through Cathy’s teachings, individuals gain practical tools and techniques to attract abundance in all areas of life, including wealth, health, relationships, and personal growth. Cathy believes that abundance is not simply about material wealth, but also about aligning with one's purpose, experiencing joy, and cultivating meaningful connections.

With Cathy’s guidance, individuals unlock a life of abundance, fulfillment, and spiritual growth.