Scott Galloway on the Algebra of Wealth & Happiness, and How to Speak Your Mind


What are the keys to a life of wealth, happiness, and full authenticity? Professor Scott Galloway, serial entrepreneur, professor of marketing at NYU, New York Times bestselling author, podcast host, and speaker is well known for saying what he thinks unfiltered, even if it means not everyone will agree. He shares why you should follow your talent instead of your passion, how to set yourself up for financial success, what essential element will lead to happiness, and how to have the audacity to speak your mind and love out loud.

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1. If you have economic security and people who love you unconditionally, you have an obligation to speak your mind in an unfiltered way.
2. What people think about you, and the downside to the risks you take is really not that important. So why wouldn’t you love out loud? Why wouldn’t you dance on the table? Why wouldn’t you express your emotions?
3. It’s okay to change your mind, to apologize and say “I was wrong. Let’s shape a better solution.”
4. You become the sum of your five closest peers. Surround yourself with the people who impress you and learn from them.
5. You find passion through mastery.
6. The key to happiness is the amount of deep and meaningful relationships you have. Happiness is love, full stop.
7. This is our time. This is our chance to shine.

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