Alison Prince on How to Make Your First $100k


What are the patterns that make a successful business? Alison Prince, founder of 4 multimillion dollar businesses, eCommerce coach, podcast host, and creator of the 0 to 100K System is back to share how to create a win-win-win with influencers, “find your llama” that will make your business stand out, embrace rejection, and understand your worthiness from more than just a dollar amount.

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1. Stop overthinking it. Make the decision and commit.
2. Instead of going for the yes’s, look for the no’s.
3. Business is all about relationships.
4. Figure out what your llama is. What will get people off the highway of scrolling through social media and get them into your store?
5. Surround yourself with people who have similar goals, who help you think differently, who help you believe that you don’t have to think those limiting thoughts anymore.
6. You don’t find your worth in money. You find your worth in serving others.

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