Manifest Your Perfect Day


How can you tune your vibration and wake up every morning in manifestation mode? Cathy shares a coaching call about how to expedite your ability to receive, how to allow in more ease and happiness, why meditation and your intention are essential for your resonance, and how to select your thoughts every day so you can be in wholeness.

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1. Just like you select your clothes, every day you’re going to select from all the different frequencies on the radio station, from all the different vibrations, from all the different patterns of thought and feeling. You’re going to decide. You’re going to go first.
2. There is a part of us that is truly who we are. It’s the part of us that has the compass and the charts for where our life needs to go. That is the part of us that has the peace, the bliss, the lightness of our own being. That is the part of us that is actually always within reach, that is always a breath away.
3. The happiness you’re looking for is a feeling of being connected to that part of you that is bigger than time, part of you that’s bigger than your story, part of you that is connected to Gd, connected to the oneness of all. You can feel that right now.
4. We don’t create from lack. We create in the field through wholeness. What’s required for you to manifest is the wholeness in the lightness of your being and feeling good.
5. The most productive thing you can do is tune that vibration. Keep tuning that vibration because every single thing starts drawing towards you equal to that resonance.
6. We hold the skeleton key. We open the door through the looking glass, through wholeness, through vibration.
7. When you’re feeling good and enjoying life you can love other people into life. You can change the whole world around yourself.
8. If you want to shift the world, you shift the world inside of you.

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