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Dan Harris on Becoming 10% Happier & Using Meditation to Welcome All Parts of Yourself

September 2020


Don’t Keep Your Day Job · Dan Harris on Becoming 10% Happier & Using Meditation to Welcome All Parts of Yourself How can you become 10% happier and kinder to every part of yourself? Dan Harris, cofounder of Ten Percent Happier, ABC News anchor, bestselling author, and podcast host was a mindfulness and meditation skeptic […]

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How to Change Your Subconscious Mind



  How can you become aware of the limiting beliefs that are holding you back? The subconscious mind is a powerful tool that believes anything it’s told. But if we want to transform these “truths” and beliefs we were fed growing up, we have to dig deep to uncover them first. Cathy shares some techniques on how […]

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How to Declutter Your Mind – Lili Pettit

July 2018


  How can cleansing your physical space also heal your soul? Lili Pettit, founder of Clutter Healing, personal home organizer, and breathwork coach found a solution for her struggles with the simple practice of breathing. She shares how breathwork meditation creates clarity, how to make space in your house to welcome new ideas and energies, […]

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How to Achieve Positive Thinking Through Mindfulness – Susan Kaiser Greenland

April 2017


   Mindfulness teacher and author Susan Kaiser Greenland used to be part of the rat race. But now she works to help people slow down, relax the tension of life’s burdens, and refocus their attention to the present. She explains what mindful games and meditation practices will train you to grow comfortable with uncomfortable situations, […]

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