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Sarah Jakes Roberts on How to Overcome Shame, Break Through Fear & Revolutionize Your Life

March 2021


How can you learn from mistakes of the past and use them to guide you towards success? Sarah Jakes Roberts, NYT bestselling author and founder of Woman Evolve was a teen mom who also faced the added pressure of growing up in the public eye. She shares her powerful wisdom on rising above shame, breaking […]

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Carrie Green’s Best Advice on Launching & Growing a Wildly Successful Membership

April 2021


How do you create and grow a super successful membership? Carrie Green, founder of Female Entrepreneur Association, bestselling author, and podcaster had a vision to create a community where she could be the best friend for other ambitious female entrepreneurs. She shares how she got people to join when she first launched, what kind of […]

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Jamie Kern Lima’s Epic Story of Redefining Beauty & Believing in Her Dream



Don’t Keep Your Day Job · Jamie Kern Lima How do you keep believing in your dream after years of rejection? Jamie Kern Lima, founder of IT Cosmetics, speaker, and author of Believe It spent years hearing no after no. But she never let the opposition stand in the way of her purpose to empower […]

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Jessica Zweig’s 3 Step Framework to Build an Authentic Personal Brand

February 2021


Don’t Keep Your Day Job · Jessica Zweig How can you build a personal brand and a successful business by simply being yourself? Jessica Zweig, founder & CEO of SimplyBe, personal branding expert, author, and podcaster is on a mission to help entrepreneurs and companies embrace and show their true selves, so they can attract […]

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A Heart to Heart with Rachel Hollis About How to Be Your Most Authentic Self & Reclaim Your Joy

February 2021


Don’t Keep Your Day Job · Rachel Hollis How can you withstand difficult times and arrive back to your true self? Rachel Hollis, #1 NYT bestselling author, speaker, founder & CEO of RISE, and podcaster faced major life changing challenges in 2020 that made it one of her hardest years – but also one of […]

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Emma Isaacs Teaches You How to Get Your First Paying Customer & Build a Membership of 500,000 Women

December 2020


Don’t Keep Your Day Job · How Emma Isaacs built a membership of over 500,000 women by winging it How do you grow one customer to a community of half a million people? Emma Isaacs, founder and global CEO of Business Chicks and bestselling author always had an entrepreneurial spirit but never imagined she would […]

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An Epic Mastermind Call with Gina DeVee, Amy Purdy, Alison Prince, Brit Morin, Allie Casazza & Jill Stanton on Turning Fear and Doubt into Possibility



How can you turn your limiting thought of “Who am I to do this” to “Who am I not to do this”? In this incredible mastermind session with Cathy, Gina DeVee, Amy Purdy, Alison Prince, Brit Morin, Allie Casazza, and Jill Stanton, you’ll learn how to catch and cancel those negative beliefs, let abundance become […]

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How Kim Malek Built Salt & Straw Ice Cream to Make a Positive Impact & Become a Force for Good

August 2020


Don’t Keep Your Day Job · How Kim Malek Built an Ice Cream Company to Do Good & Make a Positive Impact How can ice cream bring together a community and become a force for good? Kim Malek, CEO and founder of Salt & Straw Ice Cream didn’t even know how to make ice cream […]

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How Tanya Taylor’s Resourcefulness Created a Fashion Brand That’s Beloved by Michelle Obama and Beyonce

August 2020


How do you infuse color, optimism, and happiness into your brand? Tanya Taylor, award winning fashion designer combined her passion for bright colors, her desire to empower women of all shapes and sizes, and her resourcefulness to build a clothing brand that has become a hit in major department stores and the wardrobes of Michelle […]

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How Jamie Kern Lima Created IT Cosmetics & Turned it Into a Billion Dollars

June 2020


Don’t Keep Your Day Job · How Jamie Kern Lima’s Authenticity Changed Her Life in 10 Minutes & Created a Billion Dollar Company How can telling your authentic story completely alter your destiny? Jamie Kern Lima, founder of IT Cosmetics, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and speaker was getting rejections for 3 years and really struggled to get her […]

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Alli Webb’s Incredible Journey of Turning Her Mobile Hair Blowout Side Hustle into the Drybar Empire

June 2020


Don’t Keep Your Day Job · Alli Webb How can your excitement and passion for making other people feel good become a multimillion dollar brand? Alli Webb, cofounder of Drybar and Squeeze is one of the nation’s most celebrated entrepreneurs, and everything she’s built has been done without a college degree. She shares how to […]

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How Carrie Green Went From a Broke Law Student to a Multimillion Dollar Membership & an Empowered Community of 800,000 Women

May 2020


Don’t Keep Your Day Job · How Carrie Green Went From Broke Law Student to a Multimillion Membership How do you find your audience and turn that into an online platform that reaches a worldwide community? Carrie Green, founder of Female Entrepreneur Association, bestselling author, and podcaster stumbled into the world of online business while […]

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