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How 2018’s Best Wisdom Creates Your Best New Year

  How will the best lessons of 2018 help you make 2019 the BEST YEAR EVER?! Cathy shares the standout advice from a few of our favorite conversations with guests like Jen Sincero, Seth Godin, Jenna Fischer, Martha Beck, and many more! Take their wisdom into 2019 and make this the year you stop playing […]

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How a Cheesecake Craving Led to A Calling – Greg Franklin

  When you spend most of your life not knowing your passion, how is it possible to ever find your purpose? Greg Franklin, baker and founder of The Cheesecake Ninja was a failure in home ec, a bored factory worker, and a lost soul without a hobby that was worth pursuing. But when a picture […]

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How an Unemployed Journalist Rose Into a Filmmaker – Becky Scott

  When you’re a writer who can’t type anymore, how do you pull yourself up, change course, rediscover your dream, and make it come true? In this special Listener Success Story, Becky Scott shares how a medical disability left her unemployed and devastated. Yet she found a silver lining and used that freedom to explore […]

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Set a Meeting With Yourself

  You spend the whole day running around, trying to “get things done.” But what do you actually accomplish in the long run if you can’t even take 5 minutes to get quiet, sit with yourself, and listen to the thing that’s speaking to you? Cathy shares why we need to stop and breathe and […]

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How to Use Words to Make Your Audience Love You – Laura Belgray

  How do you write about yourself in a way that makes people fall in love with you, imperfections and all? Too often we think, “No one wants to know about me. I’m boring. I’m not an expert. I’m not perfect.” But Laura Belgray, copywriting expert and founder of Talking Shrimp wants you to know […]

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Stay in the Flow

  It’s scary to let your walls down. To let love in. To let your intuition guide you. To go for what you want. But life is too short not to give it a shot. Cathy shares your wins, plus a conversation with creative business coach Reina Pomeroy about the 7 essential pillars of a […]

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How to Map What You Desire Most – Danielle LaPorte

  How do you get clear on what brings you the most joy and enthusiasm? How can focusing on that one thing bring you more prosperity? Danielle LaPorte, best-selling author, speaker, entrepreneur, and a beacon of light has suffered the consequences of workaholism and having too many passion projects – and she wants you to […]

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Trust in the Things You Love

  How can you start focusing your energy on the things that make you most happy? Cathy shares how she’s making space for the most important projects in her life, what wins you made this week, and a conversation with fitness & health expert Jen Cohen about setting tangible goals to recognize your full potential. […]

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How an Immigrant Worked from Rags to Riches – Edible Arrangements Tariq Farid

  How does giving back to your community result in an international empire with over 1200 locations? Tariq Farid, founder of Edible Arrangements grew up with very little money – but also with an entrepreneurial spirit and a wise mother who taught him the power of keeping your customers happy. He’s used that guidance to […]

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Make Space for Self Care

  How can you give yourself permission to slow down, stop, and take care of yourself? Cathy shares her own struggles with self care, a listener’s frustration with overwhelm during a traumatic time, and a conversation with author and physician Beth Ricanati about how implementing one ritual in your busy life can become the antidote […]

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How to Make Your Creativity Your Career – Andy J. Pizza

  How does your creative chaotic mind evolve into a creative career? Andy J. Pizza, illustrator and host of the ultra-inspiring Creative Pep Talk Podcast grew up feeling untalented and unappreciated for his wild and weird spirit. But after discovering that there could be a path for lost artistic souls, he found a way to […]

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How Gratitude Makes Us Happy

  What are the benefits of practicing gratitude, and how can we make it a daily habit? In honor of Thanksgiving, Cathy shares the studies on why it’s so important to seek reasons to be thankful, including the effects it has on your physical, social, and emotional wellbeing. She also celebrates your wins and helps […]

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