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How do you write about yourself in a way that makes people fall in love with you, imperfections and all? Too often we think, “No one wants to know about me. I’m boring. I’m not an expert. I’m not perfect.” But Laura Belgray, copywriting expert and founder of Talking Shrimp wants you to know that being your flawsome self is actually what makes you stand out the most. She shares the 4 essential components of writing non-sucky copy, key exercises to explore your identity, and the power of sharing more of you through your brand.

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  1. Conversational is the new professional.

  2. Optimize the page and your audience’s attention. Start and end with a bang.

  3. Paint a picture. Use those concrete details to show, instead of tell.

  4. Write something that will make someone say “Yes!”, “Yikes” or “Yay!” Find the language that hits home with your audience.

  5. Be flawsome. No one wants to see perfection.

  6. Be you. Show you. We buy from the people who we know, like, and trust.

  7. You don’t have to know all the rules in order to start.

  8. Value isn’t just information. It comes in many forms.

  9. Write something once a day, even if it’s just for you. Express yourself.


  • Laura’s company

  • Copy Cure course with Marie Forleo and Laura Belgray

  • Laura’s tips on non-sucky COPY

    • C = conversational – it’s the new professional. You’re not copywriting. You’re copytalking.

    • O = optimize – make the most of the page and your audience’s attention. The first and last things you say are the most important.

    • P = paint a picture. Use concrete details.

    • Y = “yes!” “yikes!” “yay!” – these are the relatable emotions you want to create

  • Seth Godin, blogger, author & entrepreneur


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