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How to Turn Pain into Purpose – The Last Bookstore’s Josh Spencer

  How do you turn your pain into purpose, and then go on to create one of the most successful independent bookstores in the world? Josh Spencer has survived his own rough chapters of his life’s story, including a near-fatal injury and living on welfare. But instead of letting that get him down, he dreamed […]

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Opportunity Is All Around Us All The Time

  How can you become more open to receiving opportunities when they come to you? How can you also be patient and remember to just have fun on the journey? In addition to your wins and a listener question about financial frustration, this episode features a conversation with one of LA’s top realtors, Naomi Selick. […]

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How to Do All Those Things You’ve Always Wanted to Do – Lara Casey

  How do you cultivate what ultimately matters to your legacy – and make it happen? Lara Casey, entrepreneur, blogger, best-selling author, and founder of Cultivate What Matters has zigzagged through many new career ventures, losses, and successes. After harvesting all these experiences, she’s on a mission to make the most impact she can on the world […]

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You Are Built To Soar

  How high could you soar if you stopped playing it safe? How can you use the doubters and critics to push you even closer to your full potential? This week Cathy shares your wins on building confidence and launching the imperfect Etsy store. Plus she shares a special conversation with the hit indie band Distant […]

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What Makes You Impressive – Vanessa Van Edwards

  How can you make a lasting impression on the people you meet? Vanessa Van Edwards, bestselling author, TEDTalk speaker, and behavioral investigator struggled for so long to embrace her awkwardness and get over her anxiety of interacting with other people. She shares her tricks and tips on how to captivate someone through conversation, what […]

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We Live in A Time Like No Other

  How many incredible, magical creations can you make with tools and resources you have at your fingertips? Imagine everything that’s possible with today’s technology – an Etsy shop, a YouTube channel, a podcast – and get excited for all that is doable. In this episode, Cathy celebrates your wins, including a ukulele performance at […]

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How to Design Your Creative Path – Patrick Cain

  What surprise opportunities will you find on the route less traveled? Patrick Cain, furniture designer and founder of Patrick Cain Designs formed his own destiny without an art education, but with the gusto to present his furniture where no one else dared – Craigslist and flea markets. He explains how to tell your story to build […]

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Look for the Evidence of Your Success

  Where do you find the evidence that proves you are enough, you are loved, and you are worthy? We all carry around those thoughts that get us down. Experiencing pain is inevitable, but the suffering and the ruminating doesn’t have to haunt us forever. So let’s put a stop to that crazy thought spiral. […]

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How to Choose Wonder Over Worry – Amber Rae

  How do you transform your anxiety, your insecurity, your fears – and use these negative emotions to fuel the work you want to do? When bestselling author and artist Amber Rae realized her Silicon Valley job was creating an unhealthy chaos in her life, she turned to wonder, uprooted her whole life, and gave […]

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You Have the Life You Believe You Deserve

  Are you tolerating a life that’s not serving you? Cathy reveals a major breakthrough in her own life, and gives her advice on how to stop agreeing to the things that you don’t even know are hurting you. She also reads your wins, celebrates the fabulous listening pods that are meeting up, and shares Michelle Hirsch’s […]

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Why Gritty People Win – Angela Duckworth

  How does grit fuel successful people towards their lifelong goals, and how can you create grit in your own life? Angela Duckworth, author of the bestselling book Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance has researched the combination of talent and effort has become the formula for achieving your goals. She shares the first step […]

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You Won the Lottery! 100th Episode Special

  Did you know you won the lottery? That the odds of you coming into this world are 1 in 400 trillion? You won life! This 100th episode special features key sessions from our amazing live workshop, including a chat with Cathy’s friend Dick Solomon about breaking your own limits through visualization, and Jenny Goldfarb’s […]

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