You Won the Lottery! 100th Episode Special



Did you know you won the lottery? That the odds of you coming into this world are 1 in 400 trillion? You won life! This 100th episode special features key sessions from our amazing live workshop, including a chat with Cathy’s friend Dick Solomon about breaking your own limits through visualization, and Jenny Goldfarb’s talk on the importance of writing our own narrative. Then listen to the amazing strides you listeners have made in starting your side hustle, turning it into full-time business, finding your purpose in this lifetime, and embracing the fact that you have truly won the lottery. 

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  1. Make the messy version.

  2. Go for it and stay true to yourself.

  3. Action leads to clarity

  4. Polite persistence. Don’t wallow! Just keep pushing forward.

  5. You won’t be everyone’s cup of tea.

  6. Your zone of genius is where your passion, purpose, and skill collide.

  7. Productivity is not about time, it’s about energy.

  8. Live your life in pencil.

  9. Don’t overthink it.

  10. I am worth it and I can do it.


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