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What surprise opportunities will you find on the route less traveled? Patrick Cain, furniture designer and founder of Patrick Cain Designs formed his own destiny without an art education, but with the gusto to present his furniture where no one else dared – Craigslist and flea markets. He explains how to tell your story to build your network, how to create a product that supports your startup costs, why it’s okay to say “no,” and how to keep your head up during uncertainty and trust that another light will come through.

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  Photo from    @patrickcaindesigns    on Instagram

Photo from @patrickcaindesigns on Instagram

  1. Sometimes it’s a blessing to not have the pretension of an education. The creative path of Craigslist and flea markets can become a great shortcut.

  2. Tell your story. Your story is what makes you stand out.

  3. Rely on your network. Everyone you know has something they can add. Your network gives you advantages you couldn’t otherwise afford.

  4. Create a product that will sustain your startup costs.

  5. Keep your spending in check.

  6. It’s okay to say no to the ventures that are too risky and dilute your brand. Don’t be afraid to walk away.

  7. Don’t put all your stock into one project. If you’re waiting on a reply, go find the next opportunity. Something will come through.

  8. Your happiness is your responsibility.


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