What Makes You Impressive – Vanessa Van Edwards



How can you make a lasting impression on the people you meet? Vanessa Van Edwards, bestselling author, TEDTalk speaker, and behavioral investigator struggled for so long to embrace her awkwardness and get over her anxiety of interacting with other people. She shares her tricks and tips on how to captivate someone through conversation, what truly makes other people impressed by you, how to make your pitch about someone else, and why putting your worst foot forward will lead you to your tribe.

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  1. Find your unique brand of charisma.

  2. If you want to have a great conversation, make the other person’s brain search for a positive memory.  

  3. Being impressive is about giving other people the opportunity to impress you.

  4. Everyone wants you to succeed.

  5. Share the a-ha moments you’ve given to someone else.

  6. You don’t have to be a scientist to make an idea click. Your art can transform a space, and change a life.

  7. You are the messenger, not the deal maker.

  8. Lead with your worst foot forward. Your biggest failure is your biggest way to connect with someone else.


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