How to Choose Wonder Over Worry – Amber Rae



How do you transform your anxiety, your insecurity, your fears – and use these negative emotions to fuel the work you want to do? When bestselling author and artist Amber Rae realized her Silicon Valley job was creating an unhealthy chaos in her life, she turned to wonder, uprooted her whole life, and gave her creative soul the freedom to explore. She shares why rejection is redirection, how to use envy as inspiration, how to invite your inner voices to a conversation, and why it’s so crucial that we don’t die with our gifts inside.

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  1. Our own mess can be our message.

  2. Identify what you want. And what you want even more.

  3. Rejection is redirection.

  4. Envy is really inspiration in disguise. It illuminates someone doing something that’s untapped within you.

  5. Create characters around the voices in your head. Then use courage, curiosity, and compassion to have a conversation with them.

  6. Schedule the time to let your artist play and get messy.

  7. Know what you need from yourself.

  8. Look for evidence to prove the opposite of what you think is true. Ask yourself, “How can I turn this around?”

  9. “I don’t have time” really means “I don’t have clear priorities” and “I don’t know what matters.” Stop being a victim and get clear.

  10. Don’t die with your gifts inside.


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