Listening to this podcast makes me feel loved. I can’t help but smile and feel inspired to go create the life of my dreams."


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How to Rewire Your Mind & Swim in Abundance

How can you tune into a new frequency and become a match for the life you desire? Cathy shares a talk about how to build awareness of your limiting thoughts, how to rewire beliefs that hold you back from being in the flow of this infinite reality, how to become a magnet for abundance and […]

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Unlock the Keys to Your Desires – Most Abundant Year Series

How do you wake up from the mundane and tune to a new frequency? Cathy shares a bonus session about how to identify what’s keeping you from the life you desire, and how to shift from a place of anxiety, self doubt, and scarcity into the higher energetic vibration of magnetism and abundance. – Doors […]

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How to Accelerate Your Manifestations – Most Abundant Year Series

How can you stop playing small and take on your mission in this lifetime? Cathy teaches you how to use the 3 S’s – select, sell, and scale – to launch a business, why you should focus on engagement instead of your number of followers, how to overcome the fear of charging your price, the 5 […]

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How to Energetically Align So You Receive More – Most Abundant Year Series

How can you attract more opportunities through your energy? Cathy guides you through a meditation and shares the magical stories of how successful people like actor Matthew McConaughey, Oprah Winfrey’s exec producer Sheri Salata, and IT Cosmetics founder Jamie Kern Lima created their own “you won’t believe this!” moments that lifted them to their full […]

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The Abundance Flow Formula to Call In Your Desires – Most Abundant Year Series

How can you step into the totally expansive and infinite Reality that exists? Cathy shares a workshop on how to reprogram the limiting beliefs in your subconscious mind, align with your higher vibration, tap into the one connected consciousness, and have the most abundant life you desire. – Join Cathy’s free challenge this week! Cathyheller.com/abundance […]

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How to Feel Good All the Time & Be a Match for Abundance – A Sneak Peek of My Retreat!

Is it really possible to feel good all the time? Cathy shares a couple juicy pieces from her retreat about why we’re designed to have a fully joyful and fun life, how to be a vibrational match for abundance, how to recognize resistance as an opportunity for expansion, and how you can turn your dream […]

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How to Reach Financial Abundance + Ryan Levesque on How a Quiz Can Build a Multimillion Dollar Business

How can quizzes grow your business and your relationship with your audience? In this episode, Cathy first shares a coaching call with Katrina, who is living her dream life around the world, but feels like she still hasn’t reached the financial abundance she desires. Then you’ll hear Cathy’s conversation with Ryan Levesque, CEO & creator […]

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Will More Money = More Stress? Can Philanthropy Become Your Life’s Work?

Does more success and money lead to more stress? Cathy coaches two amazing ladies, Diane and Hannah about why it’s important to fill your pockets, how philanthropy can become part of your life’s work, how to rewrite the narrative that a bigger income with cause bigger pain, and why aligning with your own joy, abundance, […]

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How to Remove Your Blocks to Abundance + Tricia Huffman on How to F the Shoulds & Do What You Want

What’s holding you back from feeling worthy? Cathy shares a coaching call about dealing with insecurities and your resistance to abundance. Then you’ll hear from Tricia Huffman, founder and CEO of Your Joyologist, manager of integrity to Grammy Award winning artists, mentor, and podcaster, who is back on the show to share the biggest lessons […]

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The Key to Your Best Life & the Reason You Haven’t Made Your Offer Yet

How do you break through the resistance that keeps you from making your offer? Cathy coaches Erin, who is quickly growing on social media but hasn’t given her audience an opportunity to buy from her. Then you’ll hear Cathy’s reflection about how to overcome the most common challenges among women who want to build their […]

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2 Inspiring Coaching Calls About Finding Your Superpower & Removing Your Resistance

How can you identify the path you’re supposed to take? Cathy shares two coaching calls, first with Barbara who knows she has so many gifts and superpowers inside of her, but she’s not sure which one to focus on. Then you’ll hear a call with Nancy, who has been getting great feedback on her idea, […]

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Coaching Two Fierce Women to Scale Their Income & Impact

How can you become the example of abundant possibility and income? Cathy shares 2 coaching calls, first with Lucy, who used to work at BBC Radio and is finally taking the mic and making her voice heard. She knows that her podcast has a lot of potential, but she hasn’t figured out how to monetize […]

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