How to Rewire Your Mind & Swim in Abundance


How can you tune into a new frequency and become a match for the life you desire? Cathy shares a talk about how to build awareness of your limiting thoughts, how to rewire beliefs that hold you back from being in the flow of this infinite reality, how to become a magnet for abundance and joy, and why the whole world benefits when you allow yourself to receive.

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1. Reality is expansive. Reality is infinite and totally abundant. It’s beyond space and time.
2. We don’t get what we want. We get what we are. Life is a magnet, a boomerang, a tuning fork. It’s resonance. The more you’re in who you are, swimming in abundance and broadcasting that signal, you get that back.
3. We don’t want to just receive abundance. We want to give it away.
4. Life is supposed to be fun. Good things are supposed to come to you.
5. We get back whatever we believe. We find evidence of it. So why not start saying, “I’ll come to know that there are clues everywhere that point me towards what I’m here to do in this world. I’ll be a magnet for the most amazing adventures.”
6. Becoming you is unbecoming everything you’re not.
7. When you receive, you can put more back into the world. You become a conduit, a wave that just gives more force to the whole ocean.
8. Execution trumps inspiration.


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