How to Remove Your Blocks to Abundance + Tricia Huffman on How to F the Shoulds & Do What You Want


What’s holding you back from feeling worthy? Cathy shares a coaching call about dealing with insecurities and your resistance to abundance. Then you’ll hear from Tricia Huffman, founder and CEO of Your Joyologist, manager of integrity to Grammy Award winning artists, mentor, and podcaster, who is back on the show to share the biggest lessons from her new book “F the Shoulds. Do the Wants.” She’ll teach you how to stop letting the shoulds dictate your life, get clarity on what you truly want, and allow in more joy today.

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1. F the shoulds. Do the woulds.
2. Let yourself do the things that work for you. Don’t forget to enjoy your life. You can feel joy today.
3. The direct line of intuition comes from questioning the shoulds, getting quiet and coming into yourself. Make the time to pause and ask “What do I want?”
4. Visualize your choices. Allow yourself to daydream the possibilities and try on these options, and see how your body feels. When you sit in it, you can feel the energy in your body and get clear on what your want is right now.
5. People who change the world don’t blend in. They stand out.
6. We are not our ego. We are the one self. We are the ocean itself. We are infinite. We are the whole deal.
7. Find your way into that one expansive field. It has to happen every single day. When you’re in it, the world starts to move and things will happen effortlessly.


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