Will More Money = More Stress? Can Philanthropy Become Your Life’s Work?


Does more success and money lead to more stress? Cathy coaches two amazing ladies, Diane and Hannah about why it’s important to fill your pockets, how philanthropy can become part of your life’s work, how to rewrite the narrative that a bigger income with cause bigger pain, and why aligning with your own joy, abundance, and desires is the most valuable thing you can do for the world.
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1. When your pockets are filled, you can pour generously.
2. When you’re in alignment with who you really are, you can’t help but uplift those who you come in contact with. Your value to those around you hinges only on one thing – your personal alignment.
3. We’re here to make the world more whole, alive, and expansive. We’re a portal for Gd’s light, for people to see a wider frame. We do that by standing in our most alive, sexy, joyful alignment. That’s when you turn the lights on for everyone else.
4. It is your turn. This is the time to stake your claim.
5. We don’t want to cut off abundance because the greatest gift we can give to the world is when we are tuned in, when there are no edges. When people see you that way, they say “This is available to me too.”
6. You’re a part of the ocean, so who are you not to fully rise? It seems like we’re separate but that’s an illusion. We’re just pools in the big field of consciousness.
7. It’s time to scoop yourself up and say “I got you”. Nothing there needs protection. You’re okay. Your soul is good. Let your ego take a seat so you can get to work.


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