Coaching Two Fierce Women to Scale Their Income & Impact


How can you become the example of abundant possibility and income? Cathy shares 2 coaching calls, first with Lucy, who used to work at BBC Radio and is finally taking the mic and making her voice heard. She knows that her podcast has a lot of potential, but she hasn’t figured out how to monetize it yet. Then you’ll hear Cathy’s call with Taqdees, founder of WowMeem about how her revenue has grown 300% since last year and how she can exponentially grow her impact on other women. Find out how to share your offer to your first client, build your visibility, trust that the money is out there for you, and call others to come forward to claim the opportunities in front of them.

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1. There is no “each other.” There’s only the one self. There’s only the great, wide open field of consciousness.
2. The world needs this example of freedom, this example of cosigning your intuition.
3. When you start to own it and walk with it, when you’re certain of how other people deserve to live this way, you then help them become the hero of their story.
4. You need to be out in the world, shining your magic pixie dust.
5. How dare your insecurities keep you from your work. Enough is enough.
6. Let’s come forward.
7. We can work together and make the difference. We’re not made to hate. We’re all flowers of the same garden.
8. Success isn’t a result of what you do. It’s because of what you see and your certainty that Gd runs the world and he already has your clients covered in possibility. You’re certain of the majesty and magnificence.
9. At the end of the day, it’s not about the money. It’s about the energy and living life as we want to.


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