The Key to Your Best Life & the Reason You Haven’t Made Your Offer Yet


How do you break through the resistance that keeps you from making your offer? Cathy coaches Erin, who is quickly growing on social media but hasn’t given her audience an opportunity to buy from her. Then you’ll hear Cathy’s reflection about how to overcome the most common challenges among women who want to build their own business, how to unlock the door to your full expansion, and why putting on your crown is the ultimate gift to others.

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1. Put the offer out and focus on receiving. We deny people their deep transformation when we deny them the transaction.
2. Let go of the idea that there’s an outcome that’s better than another and that you’re in charge of an outcome. Let the outcome be Gd’s job.
3. We can only show someone as far over the horizon as we see.
4. The key to your best life, to expansion, to your future self comes from your willingness to let go of the program long enough so you can feel exhilarated, and feel fully connected to what you really are – which is the energy and life force that runs through you.
5. The more you’re in your body and the more you’re allowing receivership – that is the ultimate gift. Other women want to be in that. They want to give themselves that same permission slip.
6. Wear your crown. Celebrate yourself. Be empowered. Speak your truth. Raise your hand and call her forward.
7. You can touch every person who crosses your path by being a match for expansion, from actually living in pleasure, in flow state and enjoyment.
8. It is time. It’s time for women to get that your fastest path to abundance and the life you want is in fully living your own greatest expansion. That has to be priority number one every single day.


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