Listening to this podcast makes me feel loved. I can’t help but smile and feel inspired to go create the life of my dreams."



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The Path & the Process to Finding Our Calling When the Whole World is Pivoting

How can you keep stepping into the flow when it feels like the whole world is upside down? Cathy shares the important lessons from one of the chapters from her book and a mindfulness exercise to help you through these uncertain times. She covers how our mind and immune system react when we feel anxiety […]

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Your Mess is Your Message – A Special Chapter from My Audiobook!

When you’re hit with rejection, heartbreak, failure, disappointment…how do you transform that darkness into light? Cathy shares a special chapter from her audiobook on how to make your mess your message. Listen to the stories and wisdom from courageous souls like choreographer Mandy Moore, singer-songwriter Lisa Loeb, author Danielle LaPorte, entrepreneur Lara Casey and more […]

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The #1 Strategy to Do Outreach and Get A Response

  What’s the biggest reason you aren’t doing outreach right? Cathy shares a deep talk from her Immersion Workshop about what you need if you want to get results, how to proactively charge your own personal battery, and how to reframe your approach to outreach so you can stop pitching and instead, successfully build relationships […]

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Cathy Helps Two Listeners See What’s Possible

  How much action can you take when you realize what is possible in your future? Cathy helps a listener who is struggling to make sales with her sticker business, and another listener who is feeling depleted from juggling too many passion projects. She shares her advice on how to cultivate engagement around your creations, […]

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Living the Life You Desire Instead of What Others Want For You

  How do you break free from the expectations that other people have for you, or the self-sabotaging expectations you’ve created for yourself? This episode features a sneak peek of Cathy’s book about how to trust that you will be led, how to find worth and joy in your existence, and how to come home […]

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How to Create Your Signature Offer

  How do you figure out the signature offer that people will pay you for? Cathy shares a coaching call about how to package your menu of prices, how to make money when your customers have different incomes, why it takes money to be more selfless, and how to prove that you can create results. […]

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How I Made A Music Career After Being Dropped From A Label

  How do you find a new path after your dreams have been crushed? Cathy shares how she made six figures through songwriting after believing her music career was a lost hope. You’ll also learn the key strategies that helped her build her business, including how to generate results instead of excuses, why an artist […]

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4 Exercises to Discover Your Passion Project

  How can you identify what truly lights you up and where to direct your focus? Cathy shares a piece of her exclusive Dare to Dream Workshop, including 4 activities to help you get clearer on what passion project to pursue and 4 ways to monetize that idea into a business. – Preorder Cathy’s book! […]

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Learning to Restore – A Sneak Peek Chapter of My Book

  How do you make the time and space to replenish when it seems like there’s so much to do and so many thoughts running through your head? Cathy reads a special preview of her book about the significance of slowing down, the art of doing less, the breakthroughs that arrive when you hit pause, […]

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