Your Mess is Your Message – A Special Chapter from My Audiobook!


When you’re hit with rejection, heartbreak, failure, disappointment…how do you transform that darkness into light? Cathy shares a special chapter from her audiobook on how to make your mess your message. Listen to the stories and wisdom from courageous souls like choreographer Mandy Moore, singer-songwriter Lisa Loeb, author Danielle LaPorte, entrepreneur Lara Casey and more as they share how they found the strength to pick themselves up after difficult moments, dust off their wounds, and proudly wear those battle scars as they forged ahead on the path towards their purpose.

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  1. You are enough.
  2. You’re doing better than you realize.You’ve overcome so many obstacles to stand where you are today.
  3. Everything we want—feelings of well-being and happiness—is within reach.
  4. Happiness is an inside job.
  5. Your mess is part of your message. Our biggest challenges often represent our biggest opportunities and gifts.
  6. Our achievements do not determine our worth.


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