The #1 Strategy to Do Outreach and Get A Response



What’s the biggest reason you aren’t doing outreach right? Cathy shares a deep talk from her Immersion Workshop about what you need if you want to get results, how to proactively charge your own personal battery, and how to reframe your approach to outreach so you can stop pitching and instead, successfully build relationships with the people who need your contribution.

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  1. We are in the business of serving someone else.

  2. When you believe it’s possible, you will never sit back on the sidelines.

  3. You don’t want hope. You want certainty.

  4. Press your own buttons every single day.

  5. Charge your personal battery pack. You are 100% responsible for your life.

  6. Outreach is about building relationships. It’s about connection between 2 human beings.

  7. When you reach out to someone, you are doing them a service. Offer value instead of asking for help.


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