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The Most Valuable Lessons of 2020 – Part 1

December 2020


Don’t Keep Your Day Job · The Most Valuable Lessons of 2020 – Part 1 What epic pieces of wisdom did we learn this year? To kick off the last week of 2020, we bring you a roundup of our favorite lessons about building a successful business and a fulfilling life from incredible guests like […]

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Most Important Lessons from the Show + More Epic Listener Wins!

August 2020


Don’t Keep Your Day Job · Biggest Lessons about Being Resourceful, the Power of Community & the Right Customer for Your Prices The celebration continues! This episode features more amazing listener wins and important nuggets of wisdom from awesome guests like Evan Carmichael, Bobbi Brown, Howard Schultz, Brian Grazer, Yeardley Smith, James Clear, Ken Coleman, Christy […]

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Top Moments from the Podcast & Success Stories to Celebrate Our 300th Episode!

August 2020


Don’t Keep Your Day Job · Top Moments from the Podcast & Success Stories to Celebrate Our 300th Episode! It’s our 300th episode! This week we celebrate by sharing some of our favorite moments from the podcast and your epic wins. Listen in on these powerful stories and pieces of wisdom from guests like Seth […]

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The Best Advice of 2019 to Set You Up for 2020 Success

December 2019


What best advice from 2019 will help you create your own success in the New Year? We celebrate the end of the year with a roundup of important wisdom from some of our favorite conversations, including Morgan Harper Nichols, Emily McDowell, Howard Schultz, Colbie Caillat, Adam Grant, Gabby Bernstein, and many more. Use these key […]

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How to Face Your Biggest Fears

October 2019


How do you gather the courage to deal with the challenges and beliefs that scare you and keep you stuck? Since Halloween is this week, we visit some strategies on overcoming your deepest, darkest fears. You’ll hear some of the best advice from past guests like Seth Godin, Ruth Soukup, Lisa Congdon, Evan Carmichael and […]

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How 2018’s Best Wisdom Creates Your Best New Year

December 2018


  How will the best lessons of 2018 help you make 2019 the BEST YEAR EVER?! Cathy shares the standout advice from a few of our favorite conversations with guests like Jen Sincero, Seth Godin, Jenna Fischer, Martha Beck, and many more! Take their wisdom into 2019 and make this the year you stop playing […]

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