The Most Valuable Lessons of 2020 – Part 1


What epic pieces of wisdom did we learn this year? To kick off the last week of 2020, we bring you a roundup of our favorite lessons about building a successful business and a fulfilling life from incredible guests like Matthew McConaughey, Amy Purdy, Malcolm Gladwell, Seth Godin, Christy Wright, Patrice Washington, Jason Mraz, Jonathan and Drew Scott, Alli Webb, Guy Raz, and Jim Kwik. (Part 2 is coming on Thursday!)

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1. Find a way. If it doesn’t exist, create it. Anything is possible. There are no barriers.
2. You are 100% responsible for your life. With great responsibility comes great power.
3. No one will go out of their way to make you a success. It’s on you. Find the opportunities to put yourself out there and take a risk.
4. Enjoy the romance of discovering yourself, the challenges, and the struggles. Enjoy the ride.
5. The impressive things in life start as unimpressive things. Take one little step. Post one blog, get one customer. It validates your business, gets income flowing, and does a world of difference for your confidence.
6. When you hear a lot of no’s, you’ll eventually get a Yes. There’s a hit rate so keep pushing until you get to that Yes.
7. It’s one step, one phone call, one conversation at a time.
8. Don’t spend your days worrying about your flutter kick when there’s someone you can save.
9. Wealth is not about material possessions and money alone. Wealth is a condition of wellbeing.
10. Look for the good.
11. We have an opportunity to turn 2020 into a greenlight. We have an opportunity to pull and reveal the assets out of this time. This is a time of new beginnings.


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