How to Face Your Biggest Fears


How do you gather the courage to deal with the challenges and beliefs that scare you and keep you stuck? Since Halloween is this week, we visit some strategies on overcoming your deepest, darkest fears. You’ll hear some of the best advice from past guests like Seth Godin, Ruth Soukup, Lisa Congdon, Evan Carmichael and more on how to reframe your attitude around fear, use it to your advantage, and soar into action that’ll lead you to where you’re meant to go.

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  1. Dance with the fear.
  2. Schedule something that scares you on your calendar.
  3. There are no mistakes, only lessons. The pain of regret is worse than the pain of failure. So go for it.
  4. Acting despite your fear is the only way to overcome it.
  5. Give yourself permission to dream big.
  6. Your fear is just an affirmation of your dream.
  7. The more you try to run from your fear, the more it controls you. The best response you can give it is “so what?”
  8. Fear can help you love your imperfections and be fully you.
  9. Vote for yourself. Vote for your soul.


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