Best Lessons of 2021 – Part 2


It’s the last episode of 2021! We finish off the year by highlighting more top memorable moments with Harry Connick Jr, Mayim Bialik, Tim Grover, Cheryl Hines, Brandi Carlile, Dan Buettner, Dr. Amishi Jha, Gay Hendricks, Dr. Phil, Geneen Roth, Daymond John, Rabbi David Aaron, and the woman who started this all, Cathy Heller!

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1. Commit to becoming a better receiver than you were yesterday. The subject of receiving is vast and unlimitless. We’re in an era of receiving.
2. The quickest way to fill any void is to give away that which you need the most.
3. Only love is real. Love is the realization that we are one.
4. Stop worrying about what you might lose. Let yourself have what you have.
5. Write the story of your life, even if it’s just for you. You won’t believe how interesting you are.
6. Purpose is something you do that makes you so enraptured, time disappears. If you lose track of time, you got it. You’re on the right track.
7. No matter who you’re talking to, love everyone unconditionally.
8. Attention is the fuel we need in order to do very everyday things and important things. It’s a superpower.
9. Mentally rehearse the future you desire. Feel the feeling. Step into expansion. You are connected to the creator of this freaking universe.

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