Listening to this podcast makes me feel loved. I can’t help but smile and feel inspired to go create the life of my dreams."



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How Breathwork Aligns You with Abundance – Wealthy Woman Within Series

How can you be truly spiritual, truly wired to goodness and still allow in beautiful amounts of money and plenty in your life? Cathy shares a session with breathwork facilitator and founder of Pause Breathwork Samantha Skelly about how to find abundance through the breath, take action that aligns with your energetic identity, create growth […]

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Build Your Confidence with Money + How to Make Your First $100k in Business – Wealthy Woman Within Series

How do you create real wealth? Cathy shares a session with financial advisor and coach Hilary Hendershott, who went from having over $500k in debt to having an 8 figure net worth. You’ll learn how to change your dysfunctional relationship with money, how to have conversations that bring more money into your life, how money […]

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Abundance Cruise Control – Wealthy Woman Within Series

How can you be a magnet for more opportunities and synchronicities without even trying? Cathy shares her workshop on the unifying principle to success, how she manifested her husband when she wasn’t looking to date, how to stop believing the limitations that aren’t true, and how to give yourself the permission to be your own […]

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The Road to Abundance – Wealthy Woman Within Series

Whether you want to start a business, thrive in your dream job, or master your finances – how do you walk on the road to abundance? Cathy shares a call about how to debunk the 2 common lies we tell ourselves, how to be resourceful when you feel limited on time and money, and how […]

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Change the Frequency on Fear – Wealthy Woman Within Series

How can you tune to a higher vibration, and how does that help you manifest wealth? Cathy teaches you how to be aware of the unconscious fears holding you back, how to change your life by changing your energy, how the law of resonance and law of reception can lead you towards abundance, and how […]

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Manifesting More Money – Wealthy Woman Within Series

What are the biggest blocks that keep you from having money? Cathy shares a discussion about how to reframe your relationship with money, how to stop the scarcity mindset that you’ve been conditioned to believe, what the root of evil actually is (hint: it’s not money), and how to take the first step towards being […]

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Boldly Becoming Brave – Wealthy Woman Within Series

What does it mean to be a wealthy woman, and how do you manifest that? Cathy shares a piece from her 5 day challenge about how to change the identity around your net worth and self worth, plug into abundance, have a better relationship with your thoughts, and align your vibration so you can co-create […]

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The Key to Having Anything You Want

How can you steer yourself towards the life you want? Cathy shares a coaching call about how to master manifestation, how to overcome the fears that keep you from abundance, why you should always have something on your calendar that scares you, and how you can really turn the fire on so that you’re able […]

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How to Believe You Are Enough

How can you make radically courageous decisions and finally feel “ready”? Cathy shares a coaching call about how to set down your fear, how to stop feeling behind, why no one is an expert, and how to give yourself the permission slip to know that you are already enough. – Sign up for Cathy’s free […]

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What Holds You Back from Abundance, Freedom & Fun

How can you uplevel your business so you can enjoy your life? Cathy shares a coaching call about how to see the evidence of abundance, how to get customers interested in your offer, how to be a leader even when you’re not perfect, and how to raise your own standard. – Join Cathy’s free 5 […]

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How to Charge More & Know Your Worth

How do you stop playing small and allow yourself to raise your prices? Cathy shares a coaching call with Rita, who is pivoting her coaching business and is seeking clarity on what to offer. You’ll learn how to make it easier to attract clients, how to tap into your alignment, what you’re really looking for […]

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Kate Taylor on How to Find Your Clients, Trust Yourself & Tell Your Truth

How can you overcome self doubt and be of service to the people who need you? Kate Taylor, professional fashion stylist for entrepreneurs, business mentor to fashion stylist CEOs, image consultant, and podcast host was on the path to becoming a doctor when she realized her real purpose was in fashion styling and helping others […]

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