Abundance Cruise Control – Wealthy Woman Within Series


How can you be a magnet for more opportunities and synchronicities without even trying? Cathy shares her workshop on the unifying principle to success, how she manifested her husband when she wasn’t looking to date, how to stop believing the limitations that aren’t true, and how to give yourself the permission to be your own hero and change the world.

– Doors are open to Cathy’s program, Boldly Abundant! cathyheller.com/bold


  1. You are a force. You are the hero of the story. You give yourself that permission slip and you will change the people around you.
  2. It’s you. There’s nothing else out there but your own capacity to perceive.
  3. You are the receiver. Change the station, change your life.
  4. When you’re whole, when you don’t need something outside of you, you create. You become a magnet. Everything just comes to you.
  5. If you want to create global peace, you’ve got to be peace. It starts with you. Move into your highest. When you change consciousness, you can change so much of this world.
  6. There’s so much supporting you. There are clues everywhere. There’s synchronicity everywhere. It’s all hidden in plain sight.
  7. When you’re working from energy, you become the strongest person in the room. When you have an open heart and you are all tapped in, turned on…it’s all done.
  8. The stakes are too high for us to go into the unconscious mode. We have a world to change and it starts by changing the world for one person every day.

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