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How can you uplevel your business so you can enjoy your life? Cathy shares a coaching call about how to see the evidence of abundance, how to get customers interested in your offer, how to be a leader even when you’re not perfect, and how to raise your own standard.

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1. We make it happen because we co-create every second. Everything is an echo.
2. You have tremendous control over how you show up, what you choose to think, and what you choose to do. A hundred percent of that is up to you.
3. You have your own bigger self, your loving self backing you every step of the way. You’re not alone. You can go after your dreams, and fight that good fight to get to where you want to be and create the life that you love,
4. When you’re really in alignment with your strength, you make different decisions. You’ve set a different ripple into the world.
5. Being in business requires that sense of strength because you have to be a leader. You have to be willing to raise your hand and say, “Let’s go.”
6. Everybody is autonomous. Each person’s transformation has so much to do with themself. Don’t own their part.
7. Trust yourself. Raise your standard.

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