How to Believe You Are Enough


How can you make radically courageous decisions and finally feel “ready”? Cathy shares a coaching call about how to set down your fear, how to stop feeling behind, why no one is an expert, and how to give yourself the permission slip to know that you are already enough.

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1. So much of how we progress through life is not because we did homework. It’s not because we’re caught up. It’s because we allow ourselves to make radically courageous decisions.
2. You have the opportunity to go through the portal at any moment. You decide to set down your fear and move from a different point of alignment. You choose not to operate from the past, from the unconscious pattern. That is the crowning jewel of the human.
3. You will never be ready minus fear. You’ll always do it scared because that is actually the satisfaction for the soul.
4. In any moment,  you could give yourself the permission slip to know that you are already enough.
5. Nobody is really an expert. We’re all just walking each other home. The only thing we know that we can actually offer is empathy, presence, and love. And everybody, if they want to, can be an expert at that.
6. Just get in the game.
7. You’re not ready. You’re over ready.
8. There is a great known, and you’re in it. You’re being guided by it. You have support. It’s all around us all the time. Choose the ease. Let go of trying to control how it needs to be or what you think you need to know. Just flow.
9. Look for opportunities to change the world for one person all day long, every day.

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