The Key to Having Anything You Want


How can you steer yourself towards the life you want? Cathy shares a coaching call about how to master manifestation, how to overcome the fears that keep you from abundance, why you should always have something on your calendar that scares you, and how you can really turn the fire on so that you’re able to lead and rise to your full zone of genius.

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  1. You are a creator. You are the master manifester. You and you alone. No one else is coming to do it for you. It’s your job.
  2. We can manifest anything we want if we’re willing to give up the belief that we can’t have it.
  3. It is high time that women allow themselves to lead and to rise.
  4. Be willing to tell mediocre stories so that eventually you’ll tell a brilliant story.
  5. All of the miracles are already here hidden in plain sight. You just have to open the aperture and see them.
  6. Don’t run from things that seem scary. Go straight for it, because on the other side of that is the breakthrough.
  7. Forget the outcome. This is about you showing up fully as who you were meant to be. Go get it girl. Go fricking get it.
  8. Of course you’re supposed to soar. Every single thing is designed to thrive like that.
  9. Abundance creates more abundance. The more you allow it to come through, the more that shows up for everything around you.

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