Kate Taylor on How to Find Your Clients, Trust Yourself & Tell Your Truth


How can you overcome self doubt and be of service to the people who need you? Kate Taylor, professional fashion stylist for entrepreneurs, business mentor to fashion stylist CEOs, image consultant, and podcast host was on the path to becoming a doctor when she realized her real purpose was in fashion styling and helping others grow their own 7 figure businesses. She shares what you actually need to focus on when you’re building your business, how to genuinely connect with potential clients, why depth is more important than vanity numbers, and how to push through the fear of judgment so you can be your true self.

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  1. Trust yourself.
  2. You don’t need the perfect website. You don’t need perfect social media. The number one thing you should focus on is learning what your client needs.
  3. Where you want to go, what you dream of, where you see yourself – it’s already a done deal. You don’t have to strive and hope that one day it’s you. It’s already you. You just get to decide which path is going to take you there.
  4. Instead of trying to play the wide game, play the depth game. You want connection, community, and conversation.
  5. Don’t be a generalist. Be a specialist.
  6. Whoever you are, you still get a place in this world and you have an impact.
  7. Everybody has to decide to be themselves.
  8. If deep down you know you can’t not do this, then you must. There are people out there who need what you have, and they are desperately trying to find you. Don’t be the internet’s best kept secret. Put yourself out there.

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