Listening to this podcast makes me feel loved. I can’t help but smile and feel inspired to go create the life of my dreams."



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What Your Podcast Title Says About You & How to Let Go of the Uncontrollable

How can you stand in your authority without worrying about what other people will think? Cathy shares a couple coaching calls about how to decide on a podcast title that aligns with your true self, how to have the courage to stand out and be polarizing, how to strengthen your self agency, and how to […]

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How Mignon Francois Turned Her Last $5 into a $10 Million Cupcake Empire

How can you find success without a recipe, without a business degree, and without a dime to spare? Mignon Francois, founder & CEO of The Cupcake Collection and author, was a stay at home mom drowning in debt and stuck in a house with no electricity when she had the idea to start a cupcake […]

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How to Call in More Money + When to Pivot vs Persevere in Your Business

How can you make more money by being unattached to the money? Cathy shares a couple coaching calls about how to be in a vibration of ease, why it’s more important to check your resonance instead of your revenue, how to know if you should pivot your business or keep going, and how to stop […]

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Sheri Salata on the 3 Words to Happiness & How to Find the Glitter on Your Path

How can you follow the breadcrumbs to your next great expansion? Sheri Salata, world class producer, transformation doula, author, and speaker didn’t know what was coming after leaving her successful career as The Oprah Winfrey Show executive producer and co-president of Harpo Studios and OWN. But in this new chapter, she’s more fulfilled, at ease, […]

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Greg Harden on Coaching Tom Brady & Michael Phelps to Become Champions in Sports & Life

How can you build a champion’s mindset and love yourself unconditionally? Greg Harden, peak performance and mental coach, motivational speaker, author, and executive consultant never planned that he would coach pro athletes like Tom Brady, Michael Phelps, and Desmond Howard to their fullest potential. He shares the biggest lessons in his new book, Stay Sane […]

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How to Get Your Podcast Out to the Masses + Other Best Practices for Podcasting  – It’s Time To Podcast Bootcamp

How do you get the word out about your podcast? Cathy shares more best practices about podcasting, like how to create an effective title, prep for an interview, pitch to sponsors before you have thousands of listeners, form an audio habit in your audience, create an organic marketing team from your most devoted listeners, and have […]

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My Strategy to a Successful Podcast – It’s Time To Podcast Bootcamp

How can your energy be your strategy for a thriving podcast? Cathy leads you through a meditation about tapping into your greatest source of power, and then shares a discussion about the real goal and reward in having your own podcast, where you can find your first 200 superfans, and the first step to take […]

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How a Podcast Helps You Design A Life You Love & Speed Up Your Sales – It’s Time To Podcast Bootcamp

How can you have the courage to believe in yourself and put your authentic voice out in the world? Cathy shares what she learned from the Taylor Swift concert about being fierce and creating oneness in a stadium of 70,000 people, how to simplify the tech side of podcasting, what are the actual greatest gifts and ROIs […]

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8 Powerful Ways to Monetize Your Podcast – It’s Time To Podcast Bootcamp

How can you make an incredible income from your podcast? Cathy shares some faster and simpler ways to make even more money beyond advertising, how to create value in the market, how a very small group of followers can help you build an empire, how to replace the 2 biggest lies that hold you back, […]

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6 Ways to Grow an Audience of 1000 Superfans – It’s Time To Podcast Bootcamp

How do you build a super engaged audience? Cathy teaches you the difference between working smart vs working hard, the goal you should set when you first start podcasting (hint: it’s not 40 million downloads), and the golden ticket to major transformation, major millions, and major impact. – Join Cathy’s free podcasting bootcamp (it goes […]

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What It Takes to Create a Successful Podcast – It’s Time To Podcast Bootcamp

How can podcasting change your life? Cathy shares the first day of her podcasting bootcamp where she talks about what podcasting is, why now is the time to get into the podcasting space, how it can transform your reality and the lives of other people, how you can get started, and what is possible when […]

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How to Create Genuine Engagement & Enter Your Zone of Genius

As you start building an audience, how do you keep them engaged in a fun, easy, and genuine way? Cathy continues the conversation about podcasting by guiding you on how to choose a topic for your show, how to deepen the dialogue with your followers on social media, how to get your soul into the […]

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