How to Call in More Money + When to Pivot vs Persevere in Your Business


How can you make more money by being unattached to the money? Cathy shares a couple coaching calls about how to be in a vibration of ease, why it’s more important to check your resonance instead of your revenue, how to know if you should pivot your business or keep going, and how to stop giving away your power.

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1. The money comes from you being in the vibration of ease. Because when you’re in ease, you’re creative. You’re tapped in. You’re fully turned on.
2. Stop and take in the good. Look how beautiful your whole life is. Look what you’ve co-created. Look what you’ve designed. Take it in.
3. The money is always on the other side of your resonance. Instead of checking your revenue all the time, you should be checking “where is my resonance?”
4. The more you’re unattached, it’s like checkmate. You become this person who just hangs out in a different altitude. The next thing you know, the cooler people, the richer things, the more abundant things just come toward you. And that becomes the opportunities of your life.
5. Things don’t have to take time. They take consciousness. We move to greater and different creations through consciousness. It’s through energy and your vibration. It’s not actually through tangible things. It’s a force. It’s you.
6. Your circumstances are just the beginning of the story. What you do with it is everything. It’s how you respond. You’ve got everything. It’s in your energy.
7. Bring in the power and clear a path. Because that highest version of you – she’s coming through.
8. Don’t give away your personal power. Don’t give away your agency. Real beauty is being connected to your power.

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