Sheri Salata on the 3 Words to Happiness & How to Find the Glitter on Your Path


How can you follow the breadcrumbs to your next great expansion? Sheri Salata, world class producer, transformation doula, author, and speaker didn’t know what was coming after leaving her successful career as The Oprah Winfrey Show executive producer and co-president of Harpo Studios and OWN. But in this new chapter, she’s more fulfilled, at ease, and happier than ever. She shares how to deal with the crazy reactiveness of your thoughts, why everything is a love problem and how to become the solution, what she learned from working with Oprah that made the biggest impact, how to let the setup lead you to the best next thing, and how to recognize all the glitter on your path.

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  1. The secret to happiness is in three words: manage your mood.
  2. Everything is glitter on your path.
  3. All the reactive craziness are just echoes from old versions of yourself. Those are echoes of a vibration you no longer hold because you get up every day and you meditate and you manage your mood. You manage your story. And you make sure that story is super clear.
  4. You are always being held by the universe. You are being breadcrumbed right to the next great thing.
  5. Everything is a love problem – and only you can solve it. Start the practices that help you soften the ground so you can find a piece of tenderness, compassion, and understanding.
  6. You’re worthy because you’re sitting here.
  7. Whatever’s going on in your life right now is the setup. Even a 20 year career with Oprah is just the setup. It’s not the thing. You’re always being set up for expansion.
  8. Your feet are on the path of transformation. Your job is to keep them on there, moving forward at whatever pace you can maintain.
  9. When the next thing is revealed, just live in the energy of appreciation. Stand up, give the universe a standing ovation, and say at the top of your lungs, “You’re amazing. What else? I can’t wait. Let me get my popcorn and see what’s next.”

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