How Mignon Francois Turned Her Last $5 into a $10 Million Cupcake Empire


How can you find success without a recipe, without a business degree, and without a dime to spare? Mignon Francois, founder & CEO of The Cupcake Collection and author, was a stay at home mom drowning in debt and stuck in a house with no electricity when she had the idea to start a cupcake business. After spending her last $5 on cupcake ingredients, she began to multiply her profits to $10 million. She shares the biggest lessons from her book Made From Scratch, including how to bet on yourself when all the odds are stacked against you, how to have courage to accept the limited time offer from your creator, how to be a lighthouse for your community, how to see the joy in whatever your circumstances are, and how to let yourself fully shine.

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  1. Every person that walks through your door was sent.
  2. The morning breeze has something to tell you. Do not go back to sleep. There is a limited time to accept the limited time offer.
  3. You have been called into a purpose. You were given a gift that only you can use to take you where you want to be.
  4. You were made by a creator that loves you, and that love is on a level that’s not earnable. When you learn that self love, you get wings.
  5. All you O-W-N is the N-O-W. And when you realize that all you O-W N is N-O-W, you will have W-O-N.
  6. You can only keep what you are willing to give.
  7. Let it shine.
  8. Look at your circumstances and recognize the lesson that’s being left for you. Say, “I’m going to get joy out of this. This is not going to break me. I’m going to turn this little bit into much.” Use that bottle of tears to water the seeds that have been planted. And from the ground up, that seed will spring a harvest of joy.
  9. We walked in here as individuals, but we walk out of here as a team.

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