How to Create Genuine Engagement & Enter Your Zone of Genius


As you start building an audience, how do you keep them engaged in a fun, easy, and genuine way? Cathy continues the conversation about podcasting by guiding you on how to choose a topic for your show, how to deepen the dialogue with your followers on social media, how to get your soul into the creative flow, and how to break through into your zone of genius.

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1. Don’t discount something just because it’s fun or too easy. Do the “too easy” show, because you won’t believe what actually is in that.
2. Marketing is not a monologue. It’s always a dialogue or else it’s not marketing. Marketing has to be sticky. Marketing has to be engagement. The engagement matters more than your perfect post.
3. Social media was designed for people to be social. So in order to create an audience, we have to deposit into an audience. Engage, engage, engage. Be social.
4. Your journey is yours. We don’t have to attach ourselves to everyone else’s experience, but we just get to share from our heart with the best of intentions.
5. Everything brilliant ever created in this world came through spontaneity. It didn’t come from trying to predict it. Creativity is being in flow. It’s being willing to dance in the unpredictable.
6. Your soul wants to be in a flow state where you feel like you let go and something bigger than you takes over. The high is in letting go and trusting. That’s how your show becomes amazing. Stop controlling it. Have fun and see where this goes.
7. All of the most delicious breakthroughs happen when you can find your edge where your ego goes, “I can’t take you further than this” and your soul goes, “I got it. Let’s move into the zone of genius.”

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