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How to Build a Coaching Business & Get Your Clients the Result They Want – Kelsey Murphy

May 2021


What does it take to become a business & life coach? Kelsey Murphy, business, career and life coach, speaker, writer, and B-School mentor wanted to help people get a transformation – but also run a business that wouldn’t lead to burnout. She shares how to get your first clients, how to set your prices, how […]

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More Epic Lessons from 2020 to Help You Level Up in the New Year

December 2020


Don’t Keep Your Day Job · The Most Valuable Lessons of 2020 – Part 2 Happy New Year’s Eve! In a farewell to 2020, we’re highlighting more of the top lessons and stories that you can carry with you into 2021. Soak up all this wisdom from amazing guests like Kevin Nealon, Martha Beck, Bob […]

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An Epic Mastermind Call with Gina DeVee, Amy Purdy, Alison Prince, Brit Morin, Allie Casazza & Jill Stanton on Turning Fear and Doubt into Possibility



How can you turn your limiting thought of “Who am I to do this” to “Who am I not to do this”? In this incredible mastermind session with Cathy, Gina DeVee, Amy Purdy, Alison Prince, Brit Morin, Allie Casazza, and Jill Stanton, you’ll learn how to catch and cancel those negative beliefs, let abundance become […]

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How Gina DeVee Became Jen Sincero’s Coach & the Queen of Her Divine Life

September 2020


Don’t Keep Your Day Job · How Gina DeVee Became Jen Sincero’s Coach & the Queen of Her Divine Life How do you break through your upper limit and give yourself permission to own your worthiness? Gina DeVee, business and life coach, entrepreneur, and founder of Divine Living found herself at 30 years old struggling […]

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How to Take Control of the Life You Want – Heather Chauvin

August 2020


Don’t Keep Your Day Job · How to Take Control of the Life You Want – Heather Chauvin How do you get clear and take control of the life you desire? Heather Chauvin, speaker, coach, cancer survivor and host of the Mom Is In Control Podcast has dedicated her work to helping moms beat their […]

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How Emma Mumford Grew Financial Success From Affiliates & Manifested Spiritual Abundance Through the Law of Attraction

May 2020


What steps do you need to take to become spiritually and financially abundant? Emma Mumford, award winning life coach and mentor, bestselling author, speaker, and podcaster thought she reached the dream life by building a thriving online business and becoming UK’s Coupon Queen. But after falling into a deep depression, she set off on a […]

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How to Stop Checking Your Likes, Shake Off the Need for Approval & Live an Incredible Life – Susie Moore

April 2020


What is the secret to being confident and courageous? Susie Moore, author, columnist, and life coach is back on the show to reveal some of the best wisdom from her new book, Stop Checking Your Likes. She shares how to choose calm over chaos, why it’s more generous to the world when you let it […]

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How to Consciously Create A New Possibility & A Life You Love – Kelsey Murphy

January 2020


How can you be more intentional about the life you wake up to every morning? Kelsey Murphy, business & life coach, podcaster, speaker, and B-School mentor left her comfy career in advertising by searching for evidence of new possibilities and following the dreams that made her feel over the moon. She teaches you how to […]

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The Most Important Question You Need to Answer to Get the First Client – Alli Worthington

December 2019


How do you get people to care enough about your offer and make a purchase? Alli Worthington, author, business coach, entrepreneur, and podcaster went from a stay at home mom who lost her home to becoming the breadwinner of the family. Now she’s focused on empowering women to take their lives and their business to […]

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How to Get Clear On Your Desire – Heidi Stevens

March 2019


  How do you get grounded in your offering and get clarity on who you truly want to serve? Heidi Stevens, the soulful business coach, has devoted her life to help creative entrepreneurs heal from their own negativity and expand their careers as their own boss. She answers your questions on how to lean into […]

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How to Find the Road to Success – Susie Moore

January 2019


  What would happen if you stopped being so serious and let it be easy? How do you stop walking the path of resistance and find the road to success? Susie Moore, life coach, author, and columnist was stuck in a corporate job when she started her side hustle, coaching clients without even having any […]

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