Martha Beck on the Way to Integrity, Inner Peace & Joy


How can you align with your inner truth and set yourself free? Martha Beck, PhD, Harvard-trained sociologist, world-renowned coach, New York Times bestselling author, speaker, writer for Oprah Magazine, returns to the podcast to teach you how to find the path to integrity, use suffering as your ally, step into your full capacity and magic, and infuse more joy into your life.

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1. Integrity is the basis of all our happiness, magic, relationships and career
2. Joy is the feeling of beauty as the soul lives it. Joy is its own excuse for being. Joy is our nature.
3. Everyone has a true self, a true nature that’s yearning for and striving for connection with the oneness.
4. The experience of wholeness is an experience of joy. Gently nudge your life towards what brings you that specific joyful peace that you feel when you’re completely quiet inside. It’ll transform everything.
5. Suffering is our best ally. It tells us we need to find the way out.
6. We have the capacity to do so much more than we’re ever told. When you come back into integrity, what comes online is your magic.
7. We are meant to live in peace. Gd immediately sends us what we ask for, but it always gets sent to our real home address, which is peace.
8. Add pleasure to pleasure. it brings you into the present. It robs energy from the anxiety, neuroses, the verbal chatter in the head. Don’t fight the negative. Focus on what you love, what brings you joy.

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