How a Grad of My Program Had a $30,000 Launch & Found Her Voice – LeAnn Phelan


How can you step into who you want to be and build the business that lights you up? Cathy helps you change your energy and mindset around money, and we feature a special conversation with one of our amazing alumni LeAnn Phelan about how she got coached by Cathy, made $30,000 from one launch, and discovered the courage to turn up the volume on herself.

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1. Move into resonance. Move into possibility.
2. Turn to a different station and have the courage to just show up in your potential.
3. There’s a siren going off and it’s calling you. Show up for these people and tell them you’re out here.
4. 2% is in the steps. 98% of it is in the energy.
5. When you want to do something, you’ll find the time. You’ll find the money. Because it exists. It’s already there.
6. Follow what you love and the path will keep lighting up.
7. Be a match for the energy you want to allow in.
8. The only thing required is that you allow yourself to be you.

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