Helping 2 Students Step Out of Their Self Doubt & Into a Flow of Abundance


How can you stop overthinking and doubting yourself? Cathy coaches two students, Jocey and Michelle who are struggling to let go of their ego and allow their intuition guide them. You’ll learn what it takes to sell your offer successfully, how to lead a great interview, and how to transcend into a flow state so you can rise into the person you want to be.

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1. Our personalities create our personal reality.
2. The second your client pays, they’ve already had a breakthrough – because they just put energy in the world and signed an agreement in that moment that there’s a bigger possibility. Don’t deny them that.
3. The more you can hold the fuse, you can light all the lights. Be a conduit for more.
4. Step out of blizzard and into your truth, your consciousness. Step into who you really are.
5. The name of the game is “love them”. There’s no human being who can’t use more love.
6. Your abundance doesn’t come through other people or your paycheck. It’s just an energetic match.
7. Your greatest tool is having fun, using your imagination, getting messy, and being scrappy.
8. Calibrate to light, to love, to the source of all things.


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