Kelly Carlin on Growing Up with Legendary Comedian George Carlin & How to Connect With Your Authentic Self


How can you reconnect with your identity and learn to trust yourself? Kelly Carlin, writer, producer, radio host, speaker, and life coach was deeply impacted by the beliefs and the legacy of her father, comedian George Carlin. When he passed away, she went on a journey to discover herself, her own joys and desires, and her purpose. She teaches you how to witness yourself, use the 3 skills of choose, trust, and play to step into your expansive self, heal your toxic beliefs about money and abundance, and find belonging by following your longing.

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1. We can all take off our masks. We’re all just humans trying to figure it out in the end. It’s through our humanity, obsessions, and curiosities where we find our divinity.
2. Turn towards yourself. Witness yourself.
3. Choose, trust, play.
4. Be willing to improvise, to be in the laboratory of life, to throw spaghetti at the wall. In the end it’s all just information towards the next step.
5. When you follow your longing, you will belong to yourself.
6. We’re not in charge. We’re just here to shift energy and try things out. Experiment. Find the conversation you’re here to have.
7. Build a better business, build a better you. Build a better business, build a better world.
8. Money is just an exchange of currency. It’s a current, a flow of energy. The more you receive, the more you can make a bigger impact.

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