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From Idea to Winning Shark Tank in One Year – Jenny Goldfarb

How did a passion to solve a pain result in a 6 figure deal with Mark Cuban? Jenny Goldfarb, founder of Mrs. Goldfarb’s Unreal Deli began exploring her love for vegan food without any clue how it could become a business. She shares how she simplified her cold calling outreach to get more responses, what […]

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How I Got Here

What does the journey look like to make a living doing what you love? Cathy shares the first chapter of her audiobook, which reveals what childhood moments impacted her beliefs, how she navigated years of feeling lost, how she realized the importance of purpose, and how the long process finally brought her to where she […]

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Alex Banayan Returns to Talk About Rejection, Lit Agents, Speaking & What’s Possible

How did 7 years of hearing “no” and getting rejection letters lead to new possibilities? Alex Banayan, bestselling author of The Third Door is back with more insights on what it takes and what it means to have a successful life. He shares the long behind the scenes process of getting a lit agent, building […]

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Barbara Corcoran’s Stellar Advice on How to Grow a Successful Business

How much could you achieve if you stop overanalyzing and start taking action? Barbara Corcoran, founder of The Corcoran Group, Shark Tank judge, and podcast host jump started her legendary real estate empire by relying on her resourcefulness, scrappiness, and deep hunger to prove the doubters wrong. She shares why your street smarts are more […]

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How to Build & Master Good Habits That Stick – James Clear

How do you create habits that lead you to the life you desire? James Clear, bestselling author of Atomic Habits, blogger, and entrepreneur is a student and teacher of the ways we form habits and what makes us commit to them. He shows you how to get rid of your bad habits like procrastination, what […]

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You Are Awesome – Neil Pasricha

What does it mean to lead an awesome life and how do you make that your reality? Neil Pasricha, bestselling author, blogger, speaker, and podcaster has made it his life’s work to help us recognize and create more positivity in our lives. He shares the 2 important questions to ask yourself before making a scary […]

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