Alex Banayan Returns to Talk About Rejection, Lit Agents, Speaking & What’s Possible


How did 7 years of hearing “no” and getting rejection letters lead to new possibilities? Alex Banayan, bestselling author of The Third Door is back with more insights on what it takes and what it means to have a successful life. He shares the long behind the scenes process of getting a lit agent, building a career as a speaker, rising back up in the face of disappointment, and taking the first courageous step towards the life that awaits you.

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  1. You can give someone all the best tools and tactics but they’ll still feel stuck. Change what they believe is possible…and they’ll never be the same.
  2. The key to liberate yourself is in your own pocket.
  3. Remember your future.
  4. The hardest part is not achieving the dream, it’s leaving behind the life you already have.
  5. Find your Wilson. Find your why.
  6. Take a nap, go for a walk, have some ice cream. This could be the difference between you completely giving up and you continuing towards the dream.
  7. No matter what age you are – you’re just getting started. But you have to go to work.
  8. You can achieve your dream and the dreams you didn’t even know you had.
  9. Courage is contagious. When one person has the courage to take a shaky step towards life they know awaits them, the ripple effect will be more beautiful than they ever imagined.


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