You Are Awesome – Neil Pasricha


What does it mean to lead an awesome life and how do you make that your reality? Neil Pasricha, bestselling author, blogger, speaker, and podcaster has made it his life’s work to help us recognize and create more positivity in our lives. He shares the 2 important questions to ask yourself before making a scary life decision, the most effective 2-minute morning routine to get you ready to take on the day, the simple word that will build your resilience, and the 3 tests to help you add more happiness to your equation.

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  1. When you’re at a crossroads, ask yourself the deathbed question and the plan B question. Which of the options would you regret more? What would you do if the first idea fails?
  2. Be happy first. Then do great work. The big success follows.
  3. Start your morning with 3 prompts. What will you let go of, what are you grateful for, and what will you focus on?
  4. When something hasn’t gone your way, add “yet” at the end. Recognize that tiny sliver of light between the door and the frame after you hear the latch click.
  5. Go to a party where you don’t know anyone. Pick up a weird hobby. Start a failure budget. There’s so much you can do when you step outside your comfort zone without the pressure to be successful.
  6. Lose more to win more.
  7. You can become the big fish in a small pond. Different is better than better.


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