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Editor in Chief of Entrepreneur Magazine Talks About How to Find Success and Pitch Yourself – Jason Feifer

  How can you turn a cold pitch into an exercise in empathy? Jason Feifer, editor in chief of Entrepreneur Magazine, writer and podcaster scaled up the media ladder by giving himself permission to evolve his writing and serve his audience’s needs. He shares how to promote yourself without sounding self centered, why you should […]

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How to Scale Your Business with One Thousand True Fans – Tracy Matthews

  How can you grow a thriving business with just a select group of true fans? Tracy Matthews, jewelry designer, entrepreneur, and podcaster has helped thousands of creatives and makers expand their business by focusing on the core elements that make their brand unique. She shares how to connect with your tribe through your story, […]

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How to Grow Your Business with Heart

  You could have all the strategies and tools in place to start constructing your business, but when it comes to the audience – you must have heart. Cathy shares a piece of her coaching call about how to create a space for your people to feel seen, why your day job can be a […]

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How to Step Into Your Intuition – Robyn Youkilis

  How can you go with your gut and let it guide you towards your purpose? Robyn Youkilis, health coach, author, entrepreneur, and founder of Your Healthiest You has built her career by trusting her intuition and taking the next little right step. She shares how you can make space to do what supports you, […]

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How to Stop Your Perfectionism

  How can you give yourself permission to embrace your imperfections? Cathy shares her advice on how to let go of your need for perfect through the fail forward formula, how to build an empathy empire, and why being vulnerable about your insecurities could be your most viral content.  -Sign up to stay in the […]

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How to Become a Tony Award Winning Playwright – Steven Levenson

  How does a blank page transform into the musical masterpiece, Dear Evan Hansen? Steven Levenson, Tony Award-winning playwright and TV writer shares how to overcome the need for perfection, keep yourself accountable, and love the process of making your messy first draft. -Download the free Business Building Checklist! https://dont-keep-your-day-job.mykajabi.com/business-building-checklist -Preorder Cathy’s book dontkeepyourdayjob.com/book -Thanks Postmates! Download the […]

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Cathy Gives a Listener an Idea to Monetize Her Business

  How can you make a profit from a passion that consumes your time and resources? Cathy chats with a listener Emma, who specializes in making scenes out of little boxes of art, and she fears that it’s not a sustainable business. In this coaching session you’ll learn how to find the right customers and […]

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Why You’ll Never Have To Sell Anything Again – Laura Belgray

  How can your words be more authentically you, feel less salesy, and resonate deeply with your audience? Laura Belgray, copy expert, founder of Talking Shrimp, and co-creator of the Copy Cure course with Marie Forleo is back to reveal more secrets and strategies about writing copy that pops. She shares how to create compelling […]

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How to Identify Your Fear and Move Into Action – Ruth Soukup

  How do you recognize the biggest fears that hold you back from dreaming big and taking action? Ruth Soukup, entrepreneur, best-selling author, and podcaster joins us again to share the insights and advice from her newest book, Do It Scared. She shines a light on the 7 fear archetypes, the principles of courage that […]

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