How to Become a Tony Award Winning Playwright – Steven Levenson



How does a blank page transform into the musical masterpiece, Dear Evan Hansen? Steven Levenson, Tony Award-winning playwright and TV writer shares how to overcome the need for perfection, keep yourself accountable, and love the process of making your messy first draft.

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  1. We are all seeking connection.

  2. It’s impossible to make something from nothing. Start the messy first draft.

  3. Find a community who can keep you accountable. Have your own bake off.

  4. Once you let go of the need to make something great, you allow space for greatness.

  5. It’s not the moments of glory that are meaningful – it’s the work, the moments when you find a way out of the impossible.

  6. Find out what you love about what you do.

  7. Life is not a Wikipedia page. Your life is what it is every day.

  8. There are parts of us that bend the truth, that want to take the easy way out, that are imperfect. We might not want to recognize it, but accept all those parts. They are what makes us all human.


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