How to Step Into Your Intuition – Robyn Youkilis



How can you go with your gut and let it guide you towards your purpose? Robyn Youkilis, health coach, author, entrepreneur, and founder of Your Healthiest You has built her career by trusting her intuition and taking the next little right step. She shares how you can make space to do what supports you, show up for yourself and your community, let go of the should have’s, and find joy in the process of discovering where you’re meant to serve.

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  1. The answers are already inside you. Tune into your intuition. Go with your gut.

  2. Slow down. Make space to ask yourself, “What would be most supportive to me right now? What do I need?”

  3. Your day is what happens in between your moments of self care.

  4. Show up for your audience and for yourself.

  5. Hone in on the thing that makes you equally scared and excited. Make a commitment to do something towards that every day.

  6. You don’t need a 5 year plan. Focus on the next little right step.

  7. Give yourself permission to do what’s fun for you, and be proud of your decision.

  8. Let go of the “should’ve”s and “could’ve”s and “used to be”s – you are amazing just because you exist.


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