Listening to this podcast makes me feel loved. I can’t help but smile and feel inspired to go create the life of my dreams."


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How A Couple Shared Their Struggles & Changed the World – Danielle Silverstein

  How did a couple in a struggling marriage gather a massive podcast audience just by being honest? Danielle Silverstein, co-host of the Marriage and Martinis Podcast couldn’t find the show that would help her relationship, so she and her husband Adam created it themselves – but only with the agreement that they would be […]

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How Starbucks Built an Empire with Empathy – Howard Schultz

  How did one man’s values and principles transform Starbucks into the coffee legacy it’s become today? Howard Schultz, former CEO & Chairman of Starbucks set his dreams on creating that “third place,” a place where people felt connected and loved in a community outside of home and work. He shares how he was inspired […]

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How to Serve the World

  What is the essential thing we are all seeking as human beings? How can your contribution fulfill that need? Cathy shares your wins and her wisdom on how to cultivate endurance, courage, and empathy so you can actively make your contribution to the people who need your gifts the most. – Sign up for […]

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How to Vote For Your Soul – Sarah Blondin

  How do you rise above your growth points and your fear, and show up for yourself every day? Sarah Blondin had no intention of helping people heal their souls, but her daily practice of journaling catapulted her Live Awake podcast, a sensational self guided meditation. She shares how to take responsibility for your healing […]

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How Rejection Made a Flower Company Blossom – John Tabis of Bouqs

  How did a flower business take off after hearing no, no, and more no’s? John Tabis, CEO and Co-founder of The Bouqs Company is no stranger to rejection, and it’s only helped him grow the brand even more. He shares why a failed Shark Tank appearance made Bouqs blossom, how to validate your side […]

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How to Crowdfund Your Creative Career – Amanda Palmer

  How did a singer-songwriter raise over $1 million just by asking for help? Amanda Palmer isn’t just a musician, performer, artist, and author – she’s also the master of crowdfunding and connecting with her community. She explains how your art can make people feel less alone, what success and DIY really mean, and what […]

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How to Get Clear On Your Desire – Heidi Stevens

  How do you get grounded in your offering and get clarity on who you truly want to serve? Heidi Stevens, the soulful business coach, has devoted her life to help creative entrepreneurs heal from their own negativity and expand their careers as their own boss. She answers your questions on how to lean into […]

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How to Turn Your Hobby Into a 7 Figure Business – Cynthia Jamin

  How can your story turn your hobby into a multi-million dollar business? Cynthia Jamin, founder of the extraordinary children’s dress brand TwirlyGirl struggled with a dark and painful past. But rather than burying it down, she brought her truth into the light and her impact has only soared from there. She shares how to […]

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